Stories That Talk

When I shoot and edit I'm always listening for the story. Sometimes the story is clear from the start, other times it has to be discovered, and many times it evolves. Capturing the story with words, shots, edits, graphics, and music drives what I do. And I love to watch the finished piece because when it's done the story talks and there's nothing more elegant than that.

- Dan Larson

The Gear:

Sony F335

Sony EX1R

Sony D35

Sony D50

Sony DSR1

Panasonic BT-LH1700 field monitor


Sachtler Tripods

Arri lights

Chimera soft lights


Erickson Boom



The Small Crew Advantage

The philosophy of Com-Video Productions is simple: knowledgeable small-crews working with great equipment that consistently deliver stories that talk.

Being able to shoot quickly and with purpose is a skill-set honed over the years. Customers depend on Com-Video Productions to capture the shots and audio that crystallize their stories.

Daniel Larson

Daniel Larson is a filmaker of corporate, industrial, broadcast, and documentary productions. He shoots on XDCAM HD, DVCAM and Betacam SP and edits on Final Cut Pro. Dan Larson came up through the broadcast commercial production ranks starting in 1978 and has been specialized in training, long-form corporate, and industrial productions since 1986. Industries represented are paper, transportation, medical, foundry, and custom machine manufacturing.

Com-Video Productions was founded in 1993 to tell the stories of Wisconsin companies and to provide crews to producers visiting the area.

Let's tell your story.