Daniel Larson


I'm a film maker of corporate, industrial, broadcast, and documentary productions. I shoot with Sony cameras and edit with Adobe's Premiere Pro.


I came up through the broadcast commercial production ranks starting in 1979 at WFRV. Television stations area a great place to develop skills. I later worked at WLUK and have been specializing in marketing, corporate, industrial and broadcast productions since 1986.


 Industries represented are paper, transportation, medical, foundry, custom machine manufacturing and television but it seems a new category is always poping up.


Com-Video Productions was founded in 1993 to tell the stories of Wisconsin companies and to provide crews to producers visiting the area.




Values are important and are the guiding principles of ComVideo. There are four:

  • Excellence - to get all the steps in a project done right and meet all customer expectations.
  • Creativity - to look with fresh eyes at a topic or situation and craft a message or image that is unique and easy to understand.
  • Integrity - to work diligently and honestly with the messages and budgets of my customers.
  • Safety - to realize that when a camera is out that unexpected behaviors and situations can arise that can lead to things can going badly and take the necessary precautions to protect everyone around.

ComVideo Productions LLC

De Pere, Wisconsin

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